Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network is a second-layer network that uses the bitcoin blockchain as a settlement layer. Bi-directional payment channels are used to exchange value between counter-parties in a trustless way. Each node in the Lightning Network has the potential to route payments for other nodes in the network without knowing where the payment originated nor its final destination. If you interested in learning more, please read What is the Lightning Network on the Bleskomat blog.

How does the Bleskomat ATM work?

The customer inserts fiat bank notes or coins into the Bleskomat ATM. They then push the button on the front of the machine. The screen will display a QR code which contains a signed URL. The customer uses a mobile wallet app to scan this QR code. Their app communicates with the Bleskomat platform, which converts the fiat amount to bitcoin (sats). The customer’s app sends a Lightning invoice to the platform and then the platform pays it.

What mobile wallet apps are compatible with the Bleskomat ATM?

Any mobile wallet app that supports lnurl-withdraw (LUD-03) is compatible with the Bleskomat ATM. You can also find a list of recommended wallet apps for new users.

Where does the bitcoin come from when operating a Bleskomat ATM?

The operator of the Bleskomat ATM is responsible to provide the bitcoin which they sell via their Bleskomat ATM. The operator must connect their ATM to a supported Lightning Network service provider account or node. They would then send their own bitcoin to their service provider account or node wallet.

Which fiat currencies are supported by the Bleskomat ATM?

The bill acceptors used in the Bleskomat ATM are capable of accepting most fiat currencies in circulation today. However, the current list of supported currencies is limited to countries to where we ship goods. In the case that your fiat currency is not listed, please contact us directly at

Is it possible to change the fiat currency?

Yes, it is possible to re-program the fiat currency of the bill and coin acceptors. This requires physical access to the device. To re-program the bill acceptor requires a custom cable and software provided by the vendor. The coin acceptor can be manually re-trained using a set of coins (some of each denomination) in the new fiat currency.

How do I update the firmware of my Bleskomat ATM?

We provide a simple web interface which operators can use to update their Bleskomat’s firmware to the latest version. Connect the Bleskomat ATM’s PCB board to a computer via a USB cable. Then open your browser to to use the web interface.

How long is the warranty period for the Bleskomat ATM?

We offer a 1 year warranty. Please refer to the “PRODUCT WARRANTY” section of the Bleskomat ATM terms and conditions for details.

How long is the guaranteed support period for the Bleskomat ATM?

We offer a two year support period for the Bleskomat ATM firmware software. Please refer to the “OBLIGATIONS OF THE COMPANY” section of the Bleskomat ATM terms and conditions for details.

Why the name “Bleskomat”?

The Bleskomat ATM uses the Lightning Network to send instant, low-fee bitcoin payments. “Blesk” means “Lightning” and “bankomat” means “ATM” in Czech language. So we combined these words to create the name “Bleskomat”.

Is it possible to pay with bitcoin?

Yes, we accept bitcoin via on-chain transactions as well Lightning Network payments.

Is it possible to pay with other cryptocurrencies?

No, we only accept bitcoin.

Can I pay with a bank transfer?

Yes, we accept SEPA transfers from banks within Europe. Contact us directly for details.

Does the Bleskomat ATM support other cryptocurrencies?

No, the Bleskomat ATM works exclusively with bitcoin. And we do not have plans to support any other cryptocurrency.

Still have questions?

Contact us by email at and we will do our best to answer any remaining questions that you might have.