Bleskomat ATM


The Bitcoin Lightning ATM with instant payments, low fees, and easy setup. This one-way ATM allows customers to buy bitcoin with fiat bank notes and coins. Bank notes are stacked and stored securely in an internal, lockable cash box.

Includes one-year free access to the Bleskomat Platform.

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The Bleskomat ATM brings together a simple design, intuitive user experience, and the latest technologies to make owning and operating a Bitcoin Lightning ATM accessible to regular business owners.

This ATM model is one-way – customers buy bitcoin from the device using fiat bank notes and coins.

Offline mode

All Bleskomat ATMs are capable of selling Bitcoin without an internet connection – no more customer support problems due to unstable WiFi connections. Instead the Bleskomat ATM design offloads the responsibility of having an internet connection to the customer. They will use their own mobile wallet app to communicate with a server that facilitates the trades on behalf of your ATM.

Instant Payments

Customers of the Bleskomat ATM receive Bitcoin payments instantly – no more waiting hours or days for on-chain transactions to confirm. This is possible by fully supporting the Lightning Network, the second-layer network built atop the existing bitcoin blockchain. A new generation of mobile wallet apps have arrived to facilitate the use of bitcoin on the Lightning Network. We have prepared a list of mobile wallet apps that we recommend when on-boarding new bitcoin users. With each app it is possible to receive Lightning payments immediately – minimal setup required by the new user.

Low Fees

In the future, on-chain transaction fees will be much more expensive than they are today. During periods of high-demand, on-chain transactions could cost on average 30 EUR or more in miner fees. The Bleskomat ATM uses Lightning payments exclusively, so there are no on-chain fees. Instead a small routing fee is paid to route the payment thru the Lightning Network until it reaches the recipient. To send Lightning payments is much cheaper, typically less than a single cent. With such low fees, your customers are able to buy bitcoin in amounts as small as dozens of fiat cents. That is simply not possible with legacy bitcoin ATMs.

Lightning Network Integrations

Each Bleskomat ATM ships with a one-year free subscription to the Bleskomat Platform. An instruction sheet is included which explains how to get started with the Platform. Alternatively, we have provided an open-source version named bleskomat-server which you can self-host on your own infrastructure. With either of these options it is possible to connect your Bleskomat ATM to one of the following Lightning Network service providers or node software:

  • Lightning Network Daemon (lnd)
    • Stand-alone or via Umbrel, MyNode, Raspiblitz.
    • Support for onion addresses!
  • lnbits
  • coinos
  • lndhub (via BlueWallet)
  • lntxbot
  • lnpay
  • opennode

We provide how-to guides with detailed instructions about how to connect your Bleskomat ATM to one of the supported Lightning Network backends.

It is also possible to connect a Bleskomat ATM directly to an lnbits instance using the Bleskomat extension.

Product Details

Weight 8 kg
Outer case dimensions 20 cm (W) x 30 cm (H) x 24 cm (D)
Lockable cash box capacity 300 bank notes
E-paper display size 400 x 300 (pixels), ~10.7 cm
  • Steel outer case with matte, scratch resistant finish
  • Hook for anti-theft cable
  • Coin insert with scratch resistant stainless steel
  • Removable coin collection tray
  • One-way trades only


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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm


Display language

English, Czech, German, Spanish

Fiat Currency

British Pounds (GBP), Czech Crowns (CZK), Danish krone (DKK), Euro (EUR), Norwegian krone (NOK), Polish złoty (PLN), Swedish krona (SEK), Swiss franc (CHF), US Dollars (USD)

Power adapter socket type

Socket Type C (Europe)